The Cultural Heritage at Politecnico di Milano

In order to make available to Institutions and public and private Entities the whole spectrum of competences, skills and technologies from the different Departments for the conservation and promotion of Cultural Heritage, the Politecnico di Milano has recently established the Cultural Heritage Centre.
The Centre is a coordination structure, representing professors and researchers for the execution of research and educational projects, and promoting the dissemination and transfer of results and technological innovation in this field.

Cultural Heritage is a strategic resource not only for the social and economic development, but also for the improvement of the quality of life. The protection, conservation and enhancement of these Heritage involves a wide range of disciplines and techniques, belonging to different but complementary research areas. Historical and material knowledge, diagnosis of degradation, durability, monitoring of decay processes and conservation strategies are allowed by interdisciplinary cooperation. In addition, economic planning, territorial planning and landscaping, diffusion and propagation of knowledge, are crucial aims for the enhancement of archaeological, architectural, historical and artistic heritage.

Areas of competence and activity

The Cultural Heritage Centre focuses on seven main thematic areas, which relate to research at Politecnico di Milano.

1. historical research, census and database archiving
Digital technologies for the census and cataloguing of assets; archival research and document delivery for the knowledge of artefacts and their history; analysis and synthesis of sources.

2. conservation culture and practice
Defining criteria for preservation and conservation; complex interventions planning; guidelines and protocols for knowledge and conservation; Cultural Heritage legislation.

3. survey and representation
Surveying and graphical representation; laser scanner and point cloud indexing; Geographic Information System (GIS); 3D reconstruction and virtual restoration of Heritage; mapping of different phenomena.

4. materials and architectural structures
Study of materials, structure and building techniques; criticality analysis; plant adaptation to standards; materials and techniques for conservation.

5. diagnostic and monitoring
Materials and structures characterization; development and implementation of diagnostic methods; study of chemical, physical and environmental change over time.

6. management and promotion
Study and development of innovative management models; methods for enhancing and promoting sustainable and integrated plans for Heritage conservation.

7. communication and information systems
Dissemination and transfer of results and technological innovation; optimization and development of communication techniques for Cultural Heritage; multimedia products for knowledge and conservation.


Lucia Toniolo

Scientific Committee
Maurizio Boriani
Department of Architecture and Urban Studies

Stefano Della Torre
Department of Architecture, Built environment and Construction engineering

Gabriele Guidi
Department of Mechanichal Engineering

Cesare M. Joppolo
Energy Department

Giulio Magli
Department of Mathematics

Pietro Marani
Department of Design

Paolo Paolini
Department of Electronic, Information and Bioengineering

Lucia Toniolo
Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering "G. Natta"

Gianluca Valentini
Department of Physics

Luigi Zanzi
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Scientific Secretariat
Rita Capurro

Nicoletta Di Blas

Davide Gulotta

Michele Russo

Cristina Tedeschi

Communication and External Relation
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 - 20133 Milano


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